10 Largest Hospital in the World 2020

The “tops” have always been one of the topics that people are most interested in. The top biggest cities, the top most prominent hotels, the top shopping shops, and so on. Have you ever thought about the top largest hospitals in the world? Here are the list of 10 Largest Hospital in the World 2020.

We could approach this in several aspects: the number of employees, the area, and so on. We have prepared this list based on the size of the patient and the number of beds the hospitals can accommodate at the same time. So let’s start with one of the smallest hospitals in the list, but the one which is included in the 10 Largest Hospital in the World in 2020.

10. Auckland City Hospital

Auckland City Hospital
Auckland City Hospital

This Auckland City Hospital is one of New Zealand’s largest and oldest hospitals. The hospital, founded in 1846, is located in Grafton, Auckland. There are 1,124 beds and 3,500 rooms in the hospital. The only emergency department here receives more than 47,000 patients a year. There are also separate sections for women and children. It is also worth noting that this hospital has one of the best laboratories in the world. This Hospital is state-funded and also serves as a clinical research center in partnership with public, private, and commercial organizations.

9. St. George’s Hospital

We continue to our list by moving to another continent. St. George’s Hospital, founded in 1733 in London, is one of the largest teaching hospitals in the United Kingdom and generally the largest in Europe. A teaching hospital or university hospital is a hospital or medical center that provides medical education and medical research to future and current health professionals. The hospital has 1,300 beds and a staff of 8,500. The hospital primarily serves 1.3 million people in southwestern London and about 3.5 million people from Surrey and Sussex.

St.George Hospital

8. Jackson Memorial Hospital

Jackson Memorial Hospital ( or abbreviated “JMH”) is a non-profit, tertiary educational hospital. It is also the primary teaching hospital of Leonard M. Miller Medical School, University of Miami, Miami, Florida. This hospital has 1550 registered beds. It was established in 1918 and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018. JMH is famous worldwide for its success in organ transplants. It is one of the best in the world because it has the latest and best medical equipment, the most experienced and qualified doctors in the field. It also can accept over 2,000 patients daily and more than 70,000 patients a year.

Jackson Memorial Hospital
Jackson Memorial Hospital

7. New York-Presbyterian Hospital

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
New York-Presbyterian Hospital

The hospital, located in New York, USA, was founded in 1868 under the name Presbyterian Hospital. However, it began operations in 1872. The hospital operated in military units or hospital bases abroad during the Spanish-American War, World War I, and World War II. Although it previously covered a relatively small area, it has expanded mainly in the 19th century and several times in the 20th century. In 1998, it merged with the New York City Hospital, established in 1771 and named as New York-Presbyterian Hospital. With a total of 2,478 beds and 20,000 employees, it has been able to be listed in the top ten in the world. It serves 2 million patients annually

6. Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The hospital, located in Beijing, China, has over 2,500 beds. The hospital uses western treatments in conjunction with its traditional treatment methods in the preparation of herbal medicines and health consulting. They guarantee the highest level of treatment and prove it by the approval of all herbs by the Chinese Ministry of Health. They also help patients prepare herbal medicines properly for human consumption. A large part of the staff is bilingual and offers a 24-hour translation service for foreign patients and visitors

Largest Hospital in the world
Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

5. Ahmedabad Civil Hospital

We continue the list with the Asian continent. It is one of the oldest and medically developed hospitals in India, with a population of over 1.3 billion people. The hospital, founded in 1841, has 44 wards with 2,800 beds. The services are affordable for many low-income people due to the reasonable cost, and help them to undergo screening. It is the most significant public hospital in Asia, receiving 70,000 patients, 26,000 surgeries, and 6,500 births annually

4. Clinical Center of Serbia

The Clinical Center of Serbia was built in 1 January 1983. The hospital has a capacity of 3,150 beds. It has won the title of the largest hospital in Europe with this indicator. It receives about 1 million patients, has 50,000 surgeries, and over 7,000 births annually with more than 7,000 employees.

3. Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

We start to the first three hospitals on our list with the African continent. . Due to the growing need and critical situation during World War II (1941-1945), This hospital is established in 1942. The hospital, located in South Africa, is the main hospital of the continent with a staff of 6,660 people, a total of 3,400 beds and an area of 70 hectares. In Average the hospital treats 2,000 patients daily among which 70 percent of them needs an ambulance .

2. The West China Medical Center of Sichuan University

. The hospital has a capacity of 4,300 beds. The hospital is established in 1914 as the University of Western China Medical Sciences. In 2000 it merged with the University of Sichuan and has received today’s name.The hospital is one of the most prestigious medical schools in China and consists of five different colleges specialising in Basic and Forensic Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Pharmacy, and Medicine.

The hospital has more than 3,000 students, half of whom are undergraduate students, and the rest are studying more advanced medical subjects. This Largest Hospital is one of the eight major medical universities under the direct control of the Ministry of Education of China. It is in the top three in China all the time. It cooperates with more than 150 universities from 43 countries, including the United States, England, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Finland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Australia.

1. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Finally, the largest hospital not only Eurasia but in the world, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The hospital, with a capacity of 10,050 beds, makes an incredible difference with the hospital in the second place. It is located in Taiwan. Founded in 1978 this hospital has quickly become one of the largest, most prestigious and best hospitals in the world. An average of 8.2 million patients comes for checkup every year, 167,460 of whom are surgical patients.

Specially when we are suffering from various pandemic every decade it is good to have knowledge on the 10 Largest Hospital in the World 2020.

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