10 Largest Hotel Chains in the World

10 Largest Hotel Chains in the World

Just how widespread can hotel chains get? Today we’ll be looking at 10 of the largest hotel chains in the world and learning a little bit about what sets each one apart. We’ll be ranking these massive hotel chains by the number of locations they offer in every corner of the globe.10.

10. Radisson Hotel Group

 Number of Properties: 1,400

 Year Founded: 2012

 Countries Located: 114

 Number of Employees: 95,000

Formerly known as Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, the Radisson Hotel Group strives to show its Scandinavian inspiration in its unique design style. Country Inn & Suites is the largest brand within this hotel chain, making up 40% of Radisson’s properties.

Did You Know?

The Radisson Hotels subsidiary of the Radisson Hotel Group is divided into a series of brands based on location. Many of these locations lie within the United States, but can be found in areas of Europe as well.

9. Homeinns Co. Ltd.

 Number of Properties: 3,000

 Year Founded: 2002

 Countries Located: 1

 Number of Employees: 25,176

Also known as the Home Inns Group or Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc., this chain is the leading economy hotel chain in China. It was funded with private equity at its inception, and has expanded to the point of being listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market in 2006.

Did You Know?

During recent years, Homeinns initiated a merger with wholly-owned subsidiary BTG Hotels. This move was made in hopes of increasing brand consistency, and working with the changing economy more effectively.

8. Best Western Hotels

 Number of Properties: 4,200

 Year Founded: 1946

 Countries Located: 100

 Number of Employees: 1,254

With 13 different independently owned and operated brands, Best Western maintains a high standard for cleanliness and quality service across the board. Best Western also shares a partnership with Harley-Davidson, and takes additional steps to make sure that their locations are accommodating to motorcyclists.

Did You Know?

relatively new Best Western brand, SureStay, offers guests an economy hotel experience that’s easy on the wallet. It’s maintained as an entirely separate brand in order to avoid price range confusion.

7. Accor Hotels

 Number of Properties: 4,300

 Year Founded: 1961

 Countries Located: 100

 Number of Employees: 250,000

Source: wikimedia.org

Maintaining a variety of thriving brands such as Banyan Tree and Ibis, the Accor Hotels chain provides options that range from economy to luxury. The vast majority of their territory sprawls through Europe and Asia, with chain hotels found in most major Asian and European cities.

Did You Know?

The MGallery Collection’s Hotel Cour du Corbeau, which is part of the Accor network, was named the “Best Hotel in France” in 2013 by TripAdvisor.

6. Hilton Worldwide

 Number of Properties: 5,300

 Year Founded: 1919

 Countries Located: 100

 Number of Employees: 163,000

Offering a wide variety of services ranging from the usual hotel accommodations to a venue for celebrity and inaugural events, the Hilton hotel chain remains a global leader in hospitality. Hilton successfully manages 10 different established brands within its chain, and has called out companies such as Marriott International for juggling more than that.

Did You Know?

One of Hilton’s brands, Waldorf Astoria, is currently undergoing renovations that include an expansion of the gardens on its 20th floor.

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5. InterContinental Hotels Group

 Number of Properties: 5,300

 Year Founded: 1777

 Countries Located: 100

 Number of Employees: 375,000

Intercontinental Hotel Group is a British multinational hospitality company that strives to make everyone feel welcome and provide them with the best customer service. This familiar hotel chain has surprising roots in a local brewery in Burton-on-Trent. The IHG hospitality chain blossomed alongside the revolution in transportation that came with cars, trains, and air travel.

Did You Know?

The Intercontinental Hotel Group was listed on the London Stock Exchange’s FT30, and is still listed today on the FTSE100 that replaced it.

4. Jin Jiang International

 Number of Properties: 6,000

 Year Founded: 2003

 Countries Located: 60

 Number of Employees: 100,000

Providing a total of over 116,000 rooms through its chain, Jin Jiang International represents several high-quality brands. Jin Jiang International prides itself on providing clean rooms, superior service, and quality budget rooms all over the People’s Republic of China. This chain boasts locations in all the major cities in China, with its headquarters in Shanghai.

Did You Know?

Jin Jiang International has been successful enough to land itself a place on the Main Board of the 2006 Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

3. Marriott International

 Number of Properties: 6,700

 Year Founded: 1927

 Countries Located: 127

 Number of Employees: 177,000

The Marriott couple actually began their business with a root beer stand, later opening their first hotel in 1957. In the modern era, Marriott hotels pride themselves on superior customer service. Marriott International offers accommodations around the world along with award-winning loyalty programs such as the Marriott Rewards and Ritz-Carlton Rewards.

Did You Know?

The Marriott International hotel chain bases its service off of five core values: “put people first, pursue excellence, embrace change, act with integrity, and serve our world”.

2. Choice Hotels

 Number of Properties: 6,800

 Year Founded: 1939

 Countries Located: 40

 Number of Employees: 1,987

This chain began as Quality Courts United, the first hotel chain the nation. It was also the first hotel chain in the industry to guarantee reservations and offer 24-hour desk service. Choice Hotels has grown to a massive size, offering over 500,000 rooms throughout the chain. This hotel chain also boasts 10 different brands.

Did You Know?

Choice Hotels has been working to maintain more consistency among its brands, often renovating or rebuilding old hotels that were once abandoned.

1.Wyndham Worldwide

 Number of Properties: 8,400

 Year Founded: 2006

 Countries Located: 110

 Number of Employees: 25,000

Source: wikimedia.org

Wyndham Worldwide is the largest hotel chain the world. With a focus on midscale to upscale customer bases, this hotel chain strives to offer the best service and accommodations. Wyndham Worldwide has the strongest presence in the Americas, but has experienced rapid growth in its presence in Europe and Asia.

Did You Know?

As of June 2018, Wyndham Worldwide separated from Wyndham Hotels & Resorts as its own independent company, renaming themselves “Wyndham Destinations”.

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