Infographic: Top 10 Grossing Movie Directed By Female

Since, the start of the film industry, we have seen lots of directors. But generally, they are dominated by the mens. There are some successful, women director in the industry that we might have not heard of ,but watched their movies. Women started making great movies in the 1910s and they dominated the industry completely after half a century.

We’ve chosen 10 female directors from around the world that can be really welcoming to newbies, and we’ll tell you which films they should see first. One thing stands out when looking at the findings of the BBC Culture worldwide poll. Twenty-nine critics have offered their top ten foreign language films. Only four women were among the top 100 directors: Chantal Ackerman (“Jeanne Dilman, Commerce Embankment 23, Brussels 1080”), Claire Denis (“Good Work”), Agnes Varda (“Cleo 5 to 7”), and Katya Lund (co-directorof “City of God”).

In the top 100-7 films, there were more films created by males named Jean than by women. This unsettling result puts the present discussion about the absence of female filmmakers in a larger context: women risk being cut off from their history if they are denied the ability to express themselves via film.

Best movies direcyed by women

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